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3 Steps To Developing A Wealthy Mindset

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wealth creation If you are a part of the 99% then you probably have not developed a wealthy mindset, because the majority of people believe that you must work a job. Every wealthy person knows that you will never become wealthy from working a J.O.B. (JUST OVER BROKE). Almost every wealthy person is an entrepreneur and has created a product or service that people want.

Wealth is power! If you believe like most people, you simply don't believe that you have power. You believe that the powers that be are in control, and the rest of us are just victims of the system. This is a poverty mindset, and it is often en-trained and passed on from one generation to the next.

Keep in mind that money does not equal wealth. There are plenty of people who have plenty of money, but who still carry around the poverty mentality of “not enough”. They may hold onto their money afraid to spend, so they hoard it. Then there are those who spend it so irresponsibly that they lose it all and find themselves at ground zero again.

Human beings follow through on who they believe they are. If you believe that you are unworthy of wealth, and you win the lottery for $100 million dollars; you will find a way to lose it either by unconsciously creating situations of hardship, emergency or disaster in your life, or you will frivolously waste it and watch it slip through your fingers like water. We hear stories all the time about poor people who win the lottery, and in two years they are right back where they started.

If we understand that money is nothing more than energy, we will know that we attract or repel it. There are some people who are really good at attracting money, and there are those who are really good at repelling it.

There are a few ways to improve your relationship with money, and begin to develop a wealth mindset:

Step 1. Create An Abundance Mindset

Understand that we live in an abundant Universe, and that our natural state of being is abundance. Abundance in health, happiness and wealth. The Universe is lacking nothing, and there is only one stream. There isn't a stream of abundance and a stream of lack. We are either going with the stream or against it, or when we go against it we feel lack. When we move in congruency with the stream we feel abundance. You've heard the term “go with the flow”, all wealthy people have mastered this. When they get an idea or hunch, they go with it and it always leads to an abundant outcome.

Step 2. Think Positively About Money

Understand that energy moves by nature, and if money is energy then it must move in and out. Trying to hold onto money with a belief that it's not enough or that it's hard to come by only keeps it from flowing to you. Therefore, you can start by being joyful when you pay your bills, or pay for a service. Don't begrudgingly pay for things, because you are signaling the Universe that you don't believe more is coming. Wealthy people never wonder if they will get more money, because they understand that they can attract more, and so they do.

Step 3. Visualize Wealth

Visualize money coming into your experience from multiple sources. See money flowing to you like water flowing downhill, and feel what it feels like to have an endless supply of money and resources in your possession. Wealthy people see the unseen before it shows up. People who have money look forward into the future and experience the feeling of what it is like to have the lifestyle that they desire, and they manifest it.

A lot of people dismiss this intangible process because they don't believe it works. Just as they don't believe they can be wealthy, their beliefs always prove them right.

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One thought on “3 Steps To Developing A Wealthy Mindset

  1. Great article about the wealthy mindset and thanks for sharing some positive ways to improve your relationship with money. Money is out there in abundance and believing you can attract that money into your life is so important to the results you’ll get financially.

    Thanks Jimmie,

    Lynn Baillie

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