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Mobile PPC

If you want to make money with mobile pay per click ads by creating iPhone applications for your clients or potential clients to use one way is to offer free apps that include pay per click advertising.  Even though mobile advertising is relatively new in comparison to advertising on the net there are still some best practices in mobile advertising that are starting to appear. Let's go over them.

Target Your Market — Like any type of advertising you must know your target market well. Know what type of services and products they need and want, then create a way for them to find them easily. You can either provide the products yourself, or provide links to the products and services by using the right keywords.

Be Sociable — More every day people are using their iPhones to interact with each other including the people they want to do business with. If you make an interactive application that enables social media sharing, important alerts, and other means of sociability available to your customers they're more likely to use the app which means that they're more likely to see the pay per click advertising and click on it.

Mobile Website — In addition to iPhone apps ensure that you  have a mobile friendly website so that it loads fast on mobile devices and still looks great in a normal web browser. Keep in mind that mobile device users need to use a touch screen to access all the various aspects of your site. By creating a site that is customized to your mobile visitors you'll increase customer loyalty and create a new revenue stream from the specialized pay per click advertising on your site.

Keyword Optimization — As with your blog, your website and other Internet real estate ensure that you optimize your offerings across all channels. Don't just half-hazardly throw up a mobile site, or throughout a useless mobile app with ads that aren't optimized. Keyword optimization, client focused and targeting your market is necessary  no matter what venue you're using to get your message across.

Show ads on top of screen — Studies show that ads appearing on top of the screen get more click throughs than ads at the bottom of the screen. Therefore this is important information that you should use when creating your mobile website, and mobile apps with pay per click advertising. This is often called “above the fold” in advertising lingo. Above the fold refers to the on screen real estate that you have available. You want your ads to appear where people look with no scrolling needed.

Study your Metrics — You've heard it before and you're going to hear it again — it is imperative that with any type of monetization strategy that you study all your metrics. Test different landing pages, test different keywords, and know what works for your target market. If you don't have good landing pages, or first pages, your visitors will bounce off on mobile devices just like they do on their PC.

Usability Study — Be sure that you test and try out any new landing pages, regular pages, applications yourself to make sure they work. Have other people test them too that aren't familiar with your app or site because they will better represent an average user and if they are confused then others may be as well.

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