MLM Plan of Action: How to Become a Successful Network Marketer

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social-network-marketingAnyone can master the art of Network Marketing with a little bit of effort. Whether you realize it or not, we all network in one form or another. It’s apart of our everyday life.

Networking is a very broad concept that is used in all aspects of our life. In general, it’s about a supportive system of sharing information and services among people with common interests. It’s based on the question “How can I help you?” and not “What can you do for me?”

Though the idea of Network Marketing can be intimidating and hard to understand, it is a very effective way of growing a business and gaining access to opportunities that you wouldn’t usually have.

So how can you become a successful Network Marketer you ask?

Here are the guidelines that you can follow:

1. Set your goals and expectations.

It is very important to set goals because it helps you identify what you want to accomplish in your business, and the activities required to accomplish them.

In the process of establishing your plan, you want to map out both your short-term and long-term goals. It’s not enough to have them in your mind. You want to write down actionable goals, what it takes to make them happen, and check them off as you go.

Once you have identified your goals, you need to be clear on what kind of results you are expecting. Remember, your expectations should be relative to the amount of time and effort you’re bringing into the business. Don’t anticipate for results if you’re not doing anything.

For example, if you set a short term goal to generate an extra $500 per month in your business, you need to be very specific about what kind of sales and team building is necessary to generate $500. If your company pays a fast start bonus of $100 for each person you recruit into the business, you know that you need to sign up 5 people every month to generate the extra $500.

However, if you know you can only invest an hour a week into your business, and you won’t make time to prospect, recruit, expose and follow up with leads for your business, then you can’t possibly expect to earn $500 per month based on the limited time that you are investing into your business.

2. Take ownership of the business.

How? By becoming the product of your own product. Be a living testimony. Use the product or service of the network marketing company you’ve joined. You have to convince yourself first that the product is effective before you go on telling others about it. Acquire the necessary tools and bring them with you whenever you’re out searching for leads.

3. Be a Core Person.

In order to become an effective network marketer, you have to be a core person—a leader. Take initiative and become a role model by plugging into the systems and training that your company and team has put in place and do what you are expecting others to do.

Spend time sharpening your axe and discovering your genius by reading books, attending personal development seminars and listening to audio cd’s about your industry. By undergoing these necessary trainings and skill-building activities, you’ll develop leadership skills that others would be willing to follow and your impact within your organization will become influential and highly respected.

4. Master the art of Leverage.

Do you want to achieve maximum results by only giving minimum output? That is what leverage in Network Marketing is all about. It is the art of multiplying time and effort by means of duplication.

Duplicate yourself through other people and you can easily multiply your sources of income beyond your expectations. It is best illustrated by using the Five-Step Empowerment Principle of Dr. John Maxwell. This principle is an effective system in developing the potential skills of other people until the craft has been mastered and can be passed on to others.

I DO IT I Model



YOU DO IT You Move Forward


Network marketing can be a very enjoyable endeavor once you’ve learned the ropes. With the right attitude, preparation, and practice, everything will flow naturally. Before you know it, you’re already on your way to success. Just remember to always live by this formula:

Goals + Actions = Results

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