When Does the Heavenly Father Show Favor?

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When Does the Heavenly Father Show Favor? Everything Changes for The Good as We Follow Abba Ways and Abba's Law

Ask Mother Mary, Anna, Quan Yin, Enoch, Boganathar, Or Lao Tzu.

His Blessings and Favor Show Up and Show Out, And as Your Spirit Gets Bigger and Better It Goes Out of Your Blessings Even Before You Physically Show Up.

It’s Amazing to Behold and Be a Blessings in Someone's Life Today and Every Day And His Favor to You Will Be Abundance.

So happy that you and your family could join us today. Let's look at today's title in the lesson. When does the Heavenly Father show us favor? That is a powerful one! People think, I go to church weekly, or I go to the synagogue weekly and give myself to Jesus, give myself to Moses, that pretty well takes care of everything everything's done, supposed to be rosy, right? You know, in your heart of hearts, you really know that's not true. That is a good beginning for a lot of people.

It's interesting to know that Christianity didn't start out in a church. That misinterpretation of “On this rock, I will build my church”, when Jesus is talking to Peter, later he tells us what a temple is. It's the true chanda that he learned in India when he was training there.

Check out Episode 21 on the Patriot and Lama to get the skinny on that. It was many years before the organized church began to happen. Ironically, Rome was pulling out of Judea as the Catholic Church was coming into power and it took the Catholic Church to decide that Rome, (which I still find interesting to this day), became the seed of Christianity, when it was the hand of Rome that took Jesus's life, think about that. You don't think there's something funny about that? Think about that again.

But the church was many years later. Jesus didn't die on the cross and 40 Days later ascend into heaven then one or two years later, they're teaching in a church. No. Most of the teaching by the early apostles and disciples was where? Out in nature, even though the church has worked really, really hard to keep the Christian religion and the teachings of Jesus from nature, (which I find ludicrous because every time Jesus decided to renew his strength, He would either go to the desert, He would go in the mountains, He would go by the Dead Sea, He would go back to nature, because that's where all holy people go when it's time to get strong. Isaiah in the mountains, Elijah doing fire purification in nature. I mean, come on, right?

Why were they doing that? Well, understand. I like going to Catholic Mass probably just about as much as most Catholics like to, but when I go there, I go there to celebrate His life, His death and His ascension. That's why I go, and everything that He stood for. That's why I go, that's why my family goes every Saturday at 5:30. We're there at mass that we're early. I mean, we go like an hour, before Mass even starts that way we choose where we want to sit. We have a good view of the altar and the priests and we watch the energy as people come in and that gathering and that focus. We're always there until the priest leaves, out of respect to the priests.

Fortunately for the parish I'm involved in, we have two to three just beautiful priests, and everybody is just as nice as they can be, so it feels good and we go, as long as it continues to feel good, and they continue to run the parish the way it is, we will continue to show up and go and celebrate.

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