What Did the Symbol of The Snake Represent in The Garden of Eden?

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Do You Think What They Mention in Your Bible Is the Way It Happens? The Short Answer Is Heck NO! The Symbol of The Snake Was Not 1 But 2.

Do You Remember Going into A Doctor's Office Between the 1950s and 1970s And You Would See The 2 Snakes or The Caduceus Hanging on A Plaque in The Examination Room? It Was a Symbol Back Then for The AMA Diploma.

That Is the Ancient Symbol for The Kundalini. Also, The Suppression of Women in Religion Back Then Was Huge.

The Jewish and Christian Priest of The Early Church Were Taught to Demonize Any Teachings Of the Far East and Women! This Is an Eye-Opening Daily Lama!

I have a very interesting discussion today. It’s one of those eye-opener moments if you will. You know, one of those big “A-HA”. You'll love today's title of our lesson. What did the symbol of the snake represent In the Garden of Eden? You heard me right, what did the symbol of the snake represent in the Garden of Eden?

You've heard me do a couple of Daily Lamas and the Patriot and Lama over the last year or two that alluded to this concept called “his – story”. We call it history. It's blended very much to the masculine nature, so at times when they saw any connection, to early Judeo/Christian teachings, there were two to three major waves of this that the Lamasery saw that happened.

There was the influence of the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin with the Quran and the Five Books of Moses, which includes the story of Adam and Eve, that's number one. Then there was later influenced by the Holy See on this matter, and as the Protestant movement started in the 15th to the 17th century, they, they liked it, and they went with it, mainly because they didn't challenge the first two waves or just unconscious of the first two waves.

What do I mean? In the ancient Hindu faith, and even before the Hindu religion was put together, most of your (Holy Book) interpretations were done in Sanskrit and not in Hindu, Tamil, and some of the other languages of India.

A lot of times people think they know the meanings of certain words, and they really don't know what they're talking about. You can see the influence of them trying to break the ties between different religious influences. Let's put it that way.

You see a greater effort was made to demonize women, several 1000 years ago, so that religion called Judean/Christianity was going to be a masculine influence in order to put women in their place. That's right. I said that exactly right. Literally, it starts from the get-go, it starts in the Garden of Adam and Eve. The idea that Eve is going to tempt Adam, which leads to his mortality is absolutely ludicrous.

Then beyond that, later, the church would paint a picture of infidelity. They would paint a picture, of all this. Number one, how could a man with a woman be, how could they be wrong? How could it be adulteration when God the Father put them together, (which I'm going to clarify, which makes no sense)? Under God? Because the Church, (which remember, Rome was early to persecute the Christians throwing them to lions and tigers when they couldn't control it or stop it, wanted to try to control it, so they said we need to have the influence on the priestship. That's what they did.

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