“Upon this Rock, I will Build my Church”

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Did Jesus really say that or was it a Poor Translation or a Flat out Lie?

From Matthew 16: 13-16, Peter you are My Rock and upon my Rock, I will build Church.

Well Jesus Rename Simon Peter, “Pedros” Which means Rock or Stone during this time Because Peter was Inspired by the Holy Spirit to Say who Jesus Really was.

The Church in those days was meant to Assemble and Follow the Living Christ or to Be Baptized into one Body of Christ.

The First Church or taking the Gathering of Christians inside a building dedicated to
The teachings of the Christ Begin in Rome toward the End of the 1st Century after Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Let's see what our lesson is today. Oh yes, Upon This Rock, I Shall Build My Church. Now there's a lot of speculation about this. What people don't know is that Jesus actually changed the name of Simon Peter to Petros. Petros means rock or stone, signifying strength so that's a key there. When you really go into all the translations, and all the meanings of what the passage in Matthew says, then you start to come out with some other meanings and things.

So in the Bible, in the English Bible, the word “church” is an ecclesiastic right, which actually means “gathering”. Later that “gathering” would be made followers of Christ, or those who were baptized, or anointed. It didn't really have anything to do with building a structure. And that's what a lot of people tried to tie that to.

Rome would do that, because they got together a lot of the elders of Christianity that met in Rome. You have to remember, Rome was occupying Judea then and everything's a mess. The Christian movement was called the “Christian Fish” cult in the beginning, if you can imagine.

Then they thought, how are we going to do this mess? So they would go from one extreme to the other. Early Christians were thrown into the arena in Rome and killed by lions and tigers. They were still scared of this martyred being called Jesus the Christ, and how he was infiltrating these other people.

These other miracles were happening with the apostles and the disciples which just geared the Romans, and, early into this, Caesar calls Pilate from Judea and denounces all of his real estate, all of his holdings. He will end up dying with almost nothing, because Caesar is so pissed off at the state that he puts them in.

So in the beginning, it's like, we're gonna shut them up. Then later, they decide that this brute force is not really working, 50 to 100 years of brute force is not working. Then they decide, maybe they can take control of the situation.

Little by little, they worked and weaved certain sayings and scriptures into formerly starting the priestship. That would be a line they would say after the apostles. Peter, being the first bishop of Rome, so to speak his remains are buried underneath St. Peter's. So it's really interesting to understand all this, and it infiltrated the church.

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