The Truth Behind John the Beloved and Jesus

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John The Beloved Was the Reincarnation of Boganathar or Lao Tzu After His Ascension into Heaven Like Enoch Lao Tzu Spent a Long Time with Abba Our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes We Are the Spearhead in What the Holy Spirit Wants Us To Do and Sometimes We Are Supposed to Get Behind Someone Else’s Mission Because It Is Such a Big Deal!

Master Lama Rasaji Goes into Full Detail About the Truth Behind John the Beloved and Jesus. Enjoy!

Hello, and welcome. I'm Master Lama Rasaji. And this is the Daily Lama. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and share it with others to help them hear their information and benefit from it as well.

I want to thank you for joining us today for today's subject and today's lesson. Let's let the lesson of the day be The Truth Behind John the Beloved and Jesus’ Relationship.

The overview is spoken about in episode 21 in the Patriot and The Lama, The Lost Journey and Years of Jesus.

John, the Beloved, was a very high soul. How high? A couple of his incarnations alone, he was the spearhead for Abba in those incarnations. He asked Abba, personally, to incarnate as John, to watch Jesus’ back.

Sometimes when you do a column exercise, my brothers and sisters of Tai Chi Gung, it's telling you your mission is to be the spearhead for what the Holy Spirit is guiding you. Sometimes it is telling you to be the support system for someone else's mission, where they're running the spearhead.

This is the “real skinny” behind John the Beloved. John the Beloved was the reincarnation of Boganathar, so you can understand how well he was trained, and what he was sent to do. I want you to think about that.

Now, John, the Beloved, was the incarnation (or the reincarnation) of Boganathar. You know how developed Boganathar was! He started our whole system, of which Lama G (Rasaji) has come back to finish that. That's what building a Lamasery on American soil is going to take this chapter to a level beyond the last 3,000 years. Well, you can't even imagine that.

He was younger physically than Jesus, close to six years younger. When Jesus is ready to go on his journey with his father, and Melchior, who is the Magi that stuck around with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and the Essenes ,that gave Jesus his early, early spiritual training.

Now it's time for the journey of about 36 mercenaries. John, the Beloved, who's eight or nine years old, grew up playing with Jesus. Jesus taught John how to work with a nail and a hammer, and stone cutting and everything. This is what they had to play together. They grew up together.

And now he was going to go on this 12 to 14-year journey. Jesus comes back. He's about 26, and John's 20 going on 21. And what does John say? The core of what he witnessed was talking of Jesus, the Lord. He says, “I saw Him grow from grace to grace.”

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