The Portal of Shiva

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In Ancient Hindu Teachings “Lord Shiva” Was Consider the Destroyer of Death or Yama as In Pranayama “Life Over Death”.

What If the Lama Made the Chaos in The World Today Easy for You to Understand Would That Help?

Imagine That Everything That Has Been Happening Up till Now Was Let by The Lord of Death or Through the Veil of Death?

Then What Would It Mean to You Is That Shiva Is the Destroyer of This in Our Culture and Mindset!

And Anyone Pushing the Veil of Death Probably Needs to Be Concerned, It’s Time to Let Go of As Much of Your Death Urge You Can.

We Do Not Want to Be Attached to It Beginning November 11th, I Hope Everyone Understands.

Oh, it’s very controversial right now and I think it's worthy of an update. So let's call this lesson, The Portal of Shiva. In order to go into how powerful The Portal of Shiva is going to be, we need a little ancient Hindu education in the process.

God the Father, (whether you refer to him as Brahm, Abba, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahweh Shem, or Shiva), it was said that He put His DNA in a being and in Judean/Christian scripture we refer to him as Adam. But in the ancient Hindu, they say that it was Shiva, who was put here, (the Shiva aesthetic). There were wild people here and the key was, he came here to attract attention.

Because manifesting were seven to nine different races of humans that came from anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, and other galaxies, even beyond the light barrier. They were here and all of them were at the point of fighting. It's almost like they came here to suck the environment out of the earth and then all of a sudden there were all these territorial issues because they kept mating down in the DNA. Did you get what I said? They started mating down in the DNA. In other words, with lower human beings with lower frequencies and more animalistic qualities, like carnivorous eating, and so on and so forth.

So, God sends His Son/His first cloning, (if he would say, of Himself, spiritual cloning). He wants to put as much of His DNA as He can and have it activated immediately. But He wants this particular being (whether you call him Adam or Shiva) to get attention. So what does He do?

He goes out, finds one of the biggest groups He can and He begins to do what they're doing, to a greater degree. Now, what makes him magnetically drawing people to him is that he is the only one, at that time, on the planet, that has God the Father's full DNA. So magnetically, vibrational and in every way you can think about, he has this incredible magnetism! So he begins to do what they're doing (fighting, orgies, drinking alcohol, fermented beverages, he's doing all this stuff). The difference is that he's conscious of what he's doing and they are unconscious of what they're doing. Do you understand?

Deeply rooted in most of them was a race that was more advanced and was doing experiments on Earth with lower vibrating human DNA. They were just wondering what would happen but then…think of a sporting event. When a sporting event happens, don't you want your team to win? So it became this Gladiator/Lord of the Ring free for all.

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