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Today We Have to Be Both, As Our Parents Said the Proof Is in The Pudding. Lamaji And Been Saying for Over 40 Years Prove Me Wrong or Prove Me Right.

“11/11 Spiritual High – I Was Born for This Very Time in History. After & During the Zoom Meeting On 11/11, My Husband and I Both Felt the Energy; It Was Overwhelming. Saturday Was Much the Same. Sunday, We Worked Outside Around the Fire. We Had the Biggest Fire We Ever Had, Along with Two Little Fires on The Pond's Edge. I Kept Finding Myself Declaring, “Swing, Michael Swing.”

I Was Cheering on The Angels in Battle. I Have Always Been a Prayer Warrior, But My Intercessions Have Become Weak Over the Years. I Started My 1st 45-Day Challenge in April. Thank You for Bringing Father Gods’ Word to Life in My Spirit on A Level I Never Knew Possible. My Prayer Life Has Exploded. As You Advised, I Started and Went Slow. I Wanted To See For Myself If There Was Anything To This Tai Chi Gung. I Have Always Felt There Was Much More To The Bible Than What Man Has Given Us, And There Is.

Thank You For Your Obedience And Dedication To Our Creator; Through The Holy Spirit, You Are Changing Lives, Transforming, And Renewing. I Am Ready To Take It To The Next Step. ” – Janice

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