Is There Really a Time and Place for Everything?

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How Big Is Your LCD On Your Phone? How About Your Laptop?

How About Your TV?

When I Was a Kid Going to The Drive-In Movie, It Was a Big Deal For $ 5 Dollars You Could Go with Friends and Chip in A Dollar Because You Could Get in for 5-10$ A Car.

Popcorn And a Coke Were .50 Cents A Hotdog Under a Dollar and Could Watch a Double Feature with Cartoons and Man All of That For $5 Dollars, Talking About Inflation You Could Not Do That Today For $20 Today.

What Was Cool Was How Big the Screen Was, No Movie Theaters Today Is There a Screen Even Close to That.

Our Heavenly Father Screen Is Bigger Than That, And He Sees Everything.

Listen Today as Master Lama Tells You How There Is a Time and Place for Everything.

In your wish, your love, your desire, your expectancy, in God's time. Time and a place.
I've said this several times. Look at the screen on your smartphone. How big is that? Well, let me see mine is about that big, (holds up smartphone) There's my little angel and my phone, it's about that big.

Then I've got laptops, I've got a little notebook at home that's about 13 inches, I've got a couple of laptops. One is 15 inches, the other one is 17 inches. I got a desktop, that’s between 21 and 24 inches, and I've got some TV screens anywhere from 30 to 55 inches. Does that sound about like you?

Imagine if God's screen was the whole city block where you live. In other words, you jump on a road and as you're driving on the road for a whole city block. Do you remember those drive-in movie theaters? They used to have the biggest screens by the way. Remember that? Drive-in movie theaters, (Lamas telling his age!) were much bigger than today’s indoor theaters, they were huge. Some drive-in theaters could hold 300 cars.

If you had an average of three or four people it could be 600-1200 people actually in a drive-in, watching a movie. They would charge you $5-10 for the whole car. It was great!

Sometimes you get a double feature. Popcorn was maybe a buck. Coca cola was like 50 cents. I mean, you could go with a $5 bill. You could ride together with some buddies, and give them $1 to get into the theater, everybody would chip in. For $5 you can see double features, four to five hours worth of movies and usually cartoons. What happened to the cartoons before the live? I don't know what happened. I miss the cartoons before the movies. I don't know about you guys, but I’m a cartoon buff. You could get popcorn, a cold drink, and probably candy for 50 to 75 cents, a total of five bucks!

Five bucks would give you all the entertainment that you needed for four or five hours. You talk about inflation, there's inflation for you right there. Right? That's inflation. Oh my goodness. You can't get that for 20 bucks now. Think about it. That will tell you how little the dollar spends. That's why you want to get some gold and some silver and check out this company we've been dealing with for a couple of years now. Because they got an A plus rating. A plus rating. It’s hard to get into the gold and silver industry. Not everybody can get there.

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