Is Lack of Communication the Problem?

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We Are in The Age of Communication, Energy, And Movement. And the Caterpillar is Becoming The Butterfly in Our Human Existence.

According To the Lamasery, Anyone Who Tries to Keep Another Person from Doing These Four Things Are Sinning Against the Age and The Individual and There Will Be Karma to Pay as The Result.

First, We Must Examine How Our Communication Is Going with The Heavenly Father. Do We Have One? Because If We Don’t, It’s NO Wonder It’s Not Going Well with Other Humans. It Begins First with Him and Then with Everyone Else.

This is a good one, Is Lack of Communication the Problem? We're in the Second Age of Ascension and this age they refer to in Sanskrit as the dark power yuga. Yuga is age. It sounds like yoga. But it's Y-U-G-A, yuga. Sometimes referred to as an era, E-R-A. So think about it for a second. This is the age of movement, energy, and communication and the overall transference of the caterpillar to the butterfly when it comes to the human race.

So it’s the age of transformation. I want you to think about this for a second. People talk about sins against this, sins against the Holy Spirit, sins against the Father, the Son, heck, even the church sometimes talks about sins against the church, right? What are the real sins? The biggest sin, according to the Lamasery, is when you try to keep an individual from embracing the characteristics of the age they live in.

When you suppress somebody from moving, moving is life, you're sinning against that person. When you keep them from being able to access energy, like keeping them locked up inside, not letting them be exposed to sunshine, which is part of their psychic nutrition and their energy. If you're in any way, controlling or manipulating that person or psychically attacking that person, you're sinning.

If you're denying the person, the voice to be heard, if you're trying to suppress their speech, or any level of communication in any way, shape, or form, according to the Lamasery, you're sinning. So as a lack of communication, even taking the context out, we should be working harder to communicate, right? But see, you always have to go back to the Lama’s book, Circle of Life, it’s what our channel is all about, what our community is all about. Today we have about 20,000 people in 40 to 50 countries.

Communication, communication. The Lama puts out more content than anyone you know. Spiritual content, holistic content, economic content, but everything has a spiritual spin on it because spirituality should be at the root of everything you do.

So watch this. I could say that chapter one is all about energy, and our connection to the Divine, and then I'd be right. Chapter two is learning how to use your mind correctly. Chapter three is your breathing. Chapter four is movement. Chapter five is nutrition. Chapter six is money through the front door. Chapter seven is money through the back door. Chapter eight is relationships to a human being, and chapter nine is a relationship to nature, if you have one.
But I just as easily could say that all those chapters from mind to nature are a relationship. They all have a central relationship with the Divine, the Holy Father or Heavenly Father. Whether you call them Abba, or Shiva, it doesn't matter. The Holy Spirit, The Giver of Life.

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