I Am Prosperity

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When You Are Doing Your Mirror Meditation, What Does Your Face Look Like When You Affirm “I Am Prosperity”?

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In The Beginning, You Recite the Affirmation 108 Times A Day and You Get a Little Excited, but If Prosperity Doesn't Show Up Right Away Do Not Be Discouraged.

Remember Your 4D Body of Emotions and Mind Has Over a Million Other Thoughts If You Are Over 40 Years Old to Deal With.

But In 45 Days, You Have Said This Almost 5,000 Times. Why Is This Important?

Listen To Today's Message And Learn More About This Amazing Subject.
But In 45 Days You Have Said This Almost 5,000 Times. Why Is This Important? Listen To Today's Message, And the Lama Will School You on This Amazing Subject.

Hello and welcome. I'm Master Lama Rasaji and this is the Daily Lama. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and share it with others to help them hear the information and benefit from it as well.

We are so happy that you could join us today and that you have the courage to change. Let's let the title and lesson for today be, I am Prosperity. I am Prosperity.

You know the connotation of “I am” in the front of anything is very, very powerful. In the English language, it's about as powerful as the Om in front of any mantra.

Did you know that the Om is considered the Bindu chant, which means “seed chant”? But what it does is, it gives “power to”. So if I say “Om Shanti” it gives power to peace. Right? If I say “Om Shakti”, it's give power to the Holy Spirit. Right? Think about it right.

I Am Prosperity.

When you're doing your mirror meditation, that we talk about a lot in the 45-Day Challenge, this is a very powerful affirmation.

You need to do this a few times and see how your facial expressions are when you say, “I am prosperity”. I am prosperity. Or I am attracting prosperity and abundance to me with every breath. With every breath, I'm attracting prosperity and abundance to me, as a wellspring spilling over. Right?

How do you look on your face when you say that in the mirror? What about your eyes? Remember the eyes are the door of the soul, the Sharat.

The facial expression is an extension of Shakti, the Holy Spirit, right? The face will tell you, “Do you believe the words coming out of your mouth?”

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