How To Get to The Seventh Heaven

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Do You Know There Is More Than One Heaven? I Knew a Man in The Body or Out Of The Body He Was Raised to the 7th Heaven.

In My Father’s House, There Are Many Mansions There Seems to Be More Than One.

In The Siddha Yoga Tradition, The Masters Have Been Referring
To 12 Of Them, The Seventh Being Sach Khand or Seventh Dimension.,

But How Do We Get to The Seventh Heaven? Do We Really Go There Like Traveling on A Trip?

Today That Is Our Topic of The Daily Lama Enjoy!

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Thank you for dropping by for today's lesson. Let's see what we're going to talk about today.

What is the Seventh Heaven? How to Get to the Seventh Heaven? Sometimes referred to in Sanskrit as Sapta. Seven. The number seven is kind of interesting when you think about it. I knew a man in the body or out of the body. Only God knoweth he was raised to the seventh heaven. Very interesting, right?

A lot of spheres, you got to think about it. We actually have 12 dimensions, right? So the seventh heaven, we're really talking about the seventh dimension. What happens in the seventh dimension?

An example of that was Jesus on Mount Transfiguration, with the three apostles. They're sitting there watching Him, He's raising His energy, and all of a sudden they see Moses appear in spirit form.

And then they see Elijah appear in spirit form. And then they see Jesus become energy and light. And when He first does this, they can see that form. So He's between 5 and 6d. But as he becomes a boom, they say let us make three booms. Boom is a word that's adjacent to a fire ceremony. Homa Havan, right? But three booms are also like penance and out of respect for these three great beings.

And all of a sudden Jesus becomes total light. And when you start to lose the form, in other words, your physicalness, you are entering 7D, right?

Usually at 6D, that block body becomes so much light. And usually at 6D, you can't do what Jesus was able to do after the resurrection. 5D, and you hear a lot about 5D today, is that real merge between spirit, mind and body, spirit, mind, and body. What the ancient Indian yogis referred to as the true Chanda, the true Chanda. How do you get there?

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