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The Aura Is Sometimes Refer to Auric Field or Energy Body. A Little Over 30 Years Ago, A Russian Scientist Who Had Knowledge of Working With Energy and Photography Developed A Science Called “Kirlian Photography”.

In The Beginning, It Was Shot in Black and White Film with Different Shades of Grey. Even From That, They Determined That All of Life from Plants, Animals and Humans Share an Energy Field Of Light That Surrounds the Physical Body.

2 Decades Later, They Were Able to Shoot It In Living Color. This Changed Everything! They Were Able to Reproduce What the Famous Yoga Master Patanjali Diagramed.

His Famous Yoga Sutras, the Color and Placements of The Chakras or Psychic Wheels That Spin With The 7 Colors of The Rainbow. You Will Love the Lama's Info Today on This Matter!

Listen As Master Lama Rasaji Goes into Detail in This Discourse of Aura.

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