Will They Buy? The Art of Keyword Selection

social-network-marketingThere are many factors that go into selecting keywords. The quantity and the quality of the traffic you get will largely depend on the keywords you select. What is it that makes such a big impact and how can you make sure you select keywords that will actually put money in your pocket? Read on to find out.

Remember Where Keywords Come From

In the technicalities of selecting keywords, marketers often forget a very essential yet very basic fact.

A keyword is what another human being is typing into a search engine. The word they’re typing in reflects a state of mind. The state of mind can be very different for very similar search terms.

The trick isn’t to just understand SEO and keyword optimization technically, but to really get into your user’s heads.

What would your ideal customer be thinking and feeling? How will they think about their problems? What might they type into a search engine?

An Example

If you’re selling software that teaches people how to type faster in game form for example, instead of just optimizing for “typing game,” what else might you optimize for?

If you can really get into your customer’s heads, some words that might come up might include:

“How to Type Faster”
“Learn DVORAK”
“Words Per Minute” (Who would type this in unless they were concerned about their words per minute?)
“Slow typing”

So on and so forth. The possibilities are endless. There are dozens of keywords you could target that you won’t find by typing into the Google Keyword Tool or any other keyword tool for that matter.

You find these keywords by getting into your customer’s heads, diving into the problems they want to solve and seeing what words come up.

What might you type in if you were trying to solve this problem?

The Importance of Buying Keywords

Another thing to look at is how likely are they to buy based on the keywords you select. It’s entirely possible to select low competition keywords and get yourself a great ranking and even get good traffic – Only to discover that you’re attracting people who just aren’t buyers.

Again, this involves getting into your customer’s heads. The question you should be asking yourself is: “What type of keywords would someone who’s willing to pull out their credit cards type into the search engines?”

See – Buying keywords and “just looking” keywords are very different. For example, “ring sizing guide” might be a much better keyword for a diamond ring jeweler than “diamond ring.”

Someone typing in diamond ring could be searching for anything. It’s far too broad to be targeted. Someone who’s looking for a ring sizing guide however is almost definitely looking to buy a ring – And the competition is probably a lot less as well.

In short, keyword selection is both an art and a science. Knowing your numbers is important, but getting into your customer’s minds is critical as well.



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