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twitter marketingTwitter is certainly one of the most interesting social media networks that have been developed since the arrival of Facebook. Twitter itself is built on simplicity since you can only type in 140 characters maximum for each post or “tweet”, although you can add links to images, photos and videos. The limitations has actually made Twitter for business marketing very effective for the savvy owner or entrepreneur who can get the most out of this remarkable social website.

What follows are some simple, yet effective Twitter marketing tips that will help you and your business reach its goals of connecting with new customers.
Favorite a Tweet

One of the nifty options that Twitter offers is to favor a tweet which demonstrates to the person or company that sent it that you like the content. In fact, if you are a larger brand you can actually use favorite to acknowledge all the users who mention your account instead of just responding to each tweet individually.

Auto favoring is actually encouraged on Twitter, but you should avoid that as you only want to favor tweets at certain times in order to present them as more special to you. After all, it’s not very good Twitter marketing if you favorite everyone which means that really no tweet is a favorite. Plus, you should read every tweet first before favoring it to avoid getting into trouble if you should promote something that may not be right for your Twitter for business efforts. Plus, your account may actually get suspended if you are “over-favoring”.

Go Photo or Video

It was not long ago that Twitter conducted a study that included roughly 2 million tweets and discovered that a simple photo boosted retweets by upwards of 35% and video by 28%. This is certainly an impressive number that has been confirmed by studies conducted by other groups. Images in particular have a powerful impact and can really boost your efforts to have those following your Twitter feed share your posts. Vine is a powerful option for video as well since it is integrated into the tweet so the user does not have to go to another page.

However, it is important that the image or video that you add have real meaning to your tweet. A random image or video may become counterproductive after just a few tweets which may hurt your Twitter for business marketing efforts.

Limitations of the Retweet Button

Frankly, the Retweet button is a great idea from Twitter because it is so easy to use and you can share another person’s tweet. However, when you use that button the users who are notified cannot reply or even acknowledge it by making it a favorite which can harm your efforts at marketing. So, when they want to continue the conversation, they will need to tweet you directly which is something of a hassle. Also, if other users have retweeted the same tweet, yours will be reduced to just a number.

Instead, copy the original text and paste it to a new tweet that has RT at the start. If you add any modifications, use MT at the start. That way, you can have all the advantages of retweeting without the limitation that the Retweet button offers.

Consider Your Reply

Basically, you will want to ensure that any reply you make to a tweet reaches the appropriate audience. While many people believe that a response will be seen by that person and everyone who follows them that may not be the case. If you start a tweet with @username for example, only that person will see the response. There are certain times in which you want to do that just to keep some of your conversations one-to-one.

However, there are also times when you want their followers to see your response such as when you have a product or service to recommend or really anything that would be of use to the followers while not breaching the conversation you are having with that person. Effective Twitter lead generation often stems from having followers see the type of responses that actually generates more interests.

Use Twitter Lists

The lists on Twitter are a great way to filter all the information that you receive since its basic function is to group similar users together. So, let’s say that you want to use press releases to get out information to journalists in order to better promote your business. You can use the Twitter list mode to get all the journalists in your particular industry and then monitor their tweets to see any editorial requests that might offer opportunities for you.

You can set the lists to public or private that means that you can actually monitor your competitors’ lists or show off your public list to potential customers or clients. A neat tip is to notify those that you have added so that they will be more included to thank you for sharing their profile. Over time, you can really build up the reputation of your business through effective use of Twitter lists.

Use Twitter Search Effectively

Although seeming a simple social media site, many people still do not fully understand how the search engine on Twitter really works to get the results that they want. While most people believe that if they type in different keywords, Twitter will search for tweets which contains the terms that are used. However, it does not work in that manner. Instead, Twitter will search for all of the terms entered and not just each one.

However, by using “or” between the keywords you can get the results that you want. While it is a bit clumsy, it is how you can effective make searches for your Twitter marketing efforts.

Overall, your Twitter marketing campaign needs to be tailored to address all of your followers in the proper manner. Once you take into account these tips, it will be easier for your Twitter lead generation strategies to work.

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