Twitter Marketing – 7 ways of Grabbing Attention on Twitter

Twitter Marketing – Getting Attention is the single most important thing.

Twitter MarketingIt’s the most essential ingredient for any business success and is critical to your Twitter Marketing Strategy. If you can get and keep the attention of others you can apply yourself to ANYTHING and still make money. If you learn the skills necessary for earning attention you can watch your MLM profits rise.


Remember: They wouldn’t call it PAYING attention if you didn’t have to earn it.

Twitter is a gigantic social network with billions of short messages, written by hundreds of millions of people. At first glance it seems impossible to hold anyone’s attention for longer than a couple of seconds when there are this many ‘Tweets’ floating round. But there are some very simple ways when using the right Twitter Marketing strategies of getting yourself out there and grabbing the attention of others.

Here are 7 Twitter Marketing Tips on grabbing attention on Twitter:

Twitter Marketing Tip 1. Inspirational Quotes: Everybody loves a good quote, and who likes inspirational quotes more than entrepreneurs! When doing your Twitter Marketing a witty or thought-provoking quote can cut through the clutter like a boat through water, and attach some gravity to your Twitter username and picture.

Twitter Marketing Tip 2. Be ReTweetable: A ReTweet is when someone forwards something you wrote on to their followers. Your @username is included, along with ‘RT’ so people know it came from you. If someone re-tweets something you posted you get instant exposure to all of their followers. This is an excellent way to get more followers for yourself. Inspirational quotes often get re-tweeted, as do wise or witty words of your own. Be sure to use this method in you Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Twitter Marketing Tip 3. Send Welcome Direct Messages: On Twitter a Direct Message (DM) is kind of like an email. It’s private and aimed only at one person, and you can only send each other a DM when you both follow each other. Sending someone a DM to say Hi and Thanks For Following Me is a good idea, and automating the process is an even better idea. You can automate your Welcome Direct Messages using Then when someone starts following you on Twitter you’ll magically send them a Hello without even knowing it. You can also include your link in the message, and ask them to reply with theirs for you to take a look at. This Twitter Marketing Tip can help you also build your followers on Facebook or even drive people to your blog.

Twitter Marketing Tip 4. Be mindful of SEO: Google is very focused on indexing as many Twitter posts as it can, and it’s doing a very good job so far. Right now a message you post on Twitter can be indexed in Google’s search results in a matter of hours, sometimes even faster! It pays to research some long tail key-phrases every now and again to help your profile get found in search results when doing Twitter Marketing. Also consider what people might search for using the Twitter Search feature, but don’t let your SEO thinking adversely affect your relationship with your followers. You don’t want to drive followers away by posting junk.

Twitter Marketing Tip 5. Riding The Hashtags: A #hashtag is a method, created by the Twitter community, of grouping Tweets into categories. A hashtag is a word preceded by a hash, like #this or #that. The currently most popular hashtags are linked to on the right of for everyone logged in, under ‘Trending Topics’. If you participate in the group discussion by using the popular #hashtag you can get exposure to many, which can get you more followers. The key is to do it legitimately and honestly. Contribute to the discussion, and add some insight and maybe humor to the mix when doing your Twitter Marketing.

Twitter Marketing Tip 6. Your Bio: After registering with Twitter the first thing you should do is upload a profile picture and fill in your bio. Nothing screams “DON’T FOLLOW ME!” like an empty bio and pic. Fill in every space available for your bio – website, location, name, about you, etc. In addition to filling out your About Me box a link to your main website or blog will provide more information about you. It will show your personality in a more detailed way than the short bio in your Twitter profile, and can properly highlight your business. Make sure your About Me box is about you and not your opportunity. This is crucial for your Twitter Marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing Tip 7. Custom Background Image: Getting someone to look at your Twitter profile is quite an achievement when you consider how there are hundreds of millions of users. It’s your ability to grab attention that got them there! You want to make your profile page as attractive as you can, telling as much about you as possible, and you can largely do this with a unique background image. You can use simple colors, sure, but an image that has a larger image of you or images related to your niche is going to be far more effective. has a free tool you can use to build a custom background branded with your photo and links, and produces some very effective results when doing your Twitter Marketing.

Grabbing the attention of potential prospects or customers on Twitter is also about giving attention. If you comment on people’s links, and Re-tweet posts, and answer people’s questions, you are going to build a following of friends and fans. And friends and fans turn into customers and recruits. This is an important step for your Twitter Marketing plan.



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