Selecting Keywords for Instant Google Rankings

Are You Selecting Keywords The Right Way?

Google-rankingsKeyword selection is so powerful, that if you select the right keywords you can actually have a very good shot of landing a #1 to #5 position in Google within just a couple of weeks. It’s not going to be for super-competitive search terms, but make no mistake: You will get targeted traffic. How? Read on.

What Kind of Terms Can You Rank Instantly for when Selecting Keywords?

Now, most of the highly competitive terms are very difficult to rank for. It’ll take you months, potentially years to rank in the top #1 to #5 position.

However, there is another method of selecting keywords that’s far more efficient and effective. Instead of trying to rank for broad keywords, you’re selecting keywords that are longtail with low competition and low traffic.

Each article will only pull a bit of traffic, but over time this can add up very quickly.

These are your “instant ranking” keywords. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can get your page ranked within just a couple weeks. Why?

Most Pages Rank By Accident!

If the search term is competitive, you can bet that there are dozens if not hundreds of marketers targeting and competing for that term.

On the other hand, selecting keywords with longtail search terms often have little to no competition targeting those terms specifically. A search term like “Tips for first time French kissing” will be far easier to rank for than “French kissing,” for example.

Most competing websites that rank for these terms are actually targeting another term, often a more general term and accidentally get the ranking.

If you on the other hand when selecting keywords discover a keyword, find that the competition is low enough that you think you can rank for it, then you’ll have a very good chance of ranking well for that page – Relatively quickly to boot.

The Two Ways to Target Keywords

There are two ways of selecting keywords.

The first is to select a main or even a sub keyword and try to rank for that keyword. Unfortunately, high competition makes this method of selecting keywords difficult to rank for.

On the other hand when selecting keywords, you can select very specific keywords and laser in on ranking for those keywords right from the get go.

What’s great is that these two methods of selecting keywords are not mutually exclusive. You can laser in on specific keywords for instant rankings while simultaneously building your rankings towards a higher traffic keyword.

This process involves doing very deliberate keyword research when selecting keywords. The importance of selecting keywords properly when you begin the process of marketing your website cannot be stressed enough. The difference between selecting good keywords and poor keywords is quite literally the difference between ranking well in the search engines and potentially not ranking at all.



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