What is Residual Income?

 What is Residual Income and How Can You Benefit from It?

residual income

Why is Residual Income so important and why are so many people talking about it? Ask any business professional and they will tell you that the best kind of income is the kind that keeps flowing in as the result of work you did a long time ago this is Residual Income . The process of realizing an ongoing income even when you have not performed any recent work. For example, if you set up a customer on your online sales website and you get a commission every time that the customer buys product, then that is residual. The income continues to flow even though you have not spoken to the customer recently or sold the customer product directly. Imagine setting up hundreds of customers and collecting that income. That is part of the allure of network marketing.

When it comes to residual income, it is hard to beat network marketing. There are several sources of residual monies in an Network Marketing  program.

These sources include:

  • product sales
  • affiliate marketing
  • network associate sales

One of the first things a network marketing professional does when he or she sets up their business is to try and sign up as many buying customers as possible. The marketing expert makes the buying process easy and chooses products that are appealing to the clients. Once a client starts buying a product online, the marketing professional does everything he can to make sure that the customer keeps buying products and the income continues to roll in.

The way that a network marketing company grows is through adding more marketing professionals. Each time that you sign up a new network marketing associate, you get a residual income on everything that associate sells. You also get an income stream from the associates that become part of your associate’s network. This provides plenty of inspiration for network marketing professionals to actively recruit new associates and keep the network growing. The more networked associates a marketing professional has out there selling, the more money that professional will make.

Residual income is considered the reward for hard work. When you spend your time making the right connections and utilizing the proper selling techniques, then you will enjoy the benefits of an ongoing income. In network marketing, the bigger your network, the more money that you will make. It is the ideal kind of business for an ambitious person to start that wants to see success and wants to reap the rewards of his hard work for many years to come.



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2 Responses so far.

  1. Lynn Baillie says:

    Passive residual income truly is amazing and I agree Network Marketing is the best way for most people to generate this kind of income. Knowing that when you put the hard work in initially that it can pay off for years to come is very motivating.

  2. Rick Salas says:

    I like how you mentioned that the marketing professional needs to have a way to make the buying process easy. Matching the right products with the needs of the customer is the secret to long term residual income. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to convince someone they want something when they really don’t. Matching more products with more people is even more powerful. It might mean working hard at the beginning but it’s worth the trouble because once it’s set up it’s set up forever and a true way to wealth creation. Thanks for the post!

    Rick Salas

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