Overcome The Fear of “Self-Promotion”

Overcome The Fear Of Self-PromotionOne of the greatest fears most people that start a business in network marketing have is that people will think they are selling themselves.

It’s the fear of self-promotion and it’s a block that can stop you from succeeding in this business.

Self-promotion is often seen as a form of ego-tripping and more of a focusing attention on yourself – and if that is the intention, then it’s not really an attractive attribute.

BUT… if you are presenting in a way that involves sharing your own story and success stories of others, giving examples and showing an opportunity then that’s not self-promotion at all!

In reality, it’s a gift you are giving to those who want a better life.

How do you get past that fear of sounding like you’re self-promoting and become someone who fearlessly shares your story?

Try these three simple steps to move from that place of fear to a place of enthusiasm:

  1. Think of how you felt when you found network marketing and how happy you were to find something capable of bringing financial abundance and personal freedom into your life.  Write down some of the things you remember that caught your attention.  Ask yourself how those things allowed you to open up and see the possibilities?  Record what you remember.
  2. List the positive changes that have occurred for you as a result of starting your business in network marketing.  Reflect on what a gift is has been and how grateful you are to have learned about this business from your sponsor.
  3. Now think of the person you want to welcome into this business and how it can impact their lives.  List all the ways this business can positively impact their life and envision them happy and successfully building their business.

Whether you’re thinking of someone particular in mind or simply calling prospective leads doesn’t matter, you can still share with them your story and how this business has made a positive impact on your life – and how it can positively impact theirs.

Now, with this in mind, pick up the phone and make the call! 



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  1. Lynn Baillie says:

    I think the key is not to think you are ‘self-promoting’ at all when it comes to Network Marketing. It is much more about either sharing the benefits of a great product with potential customers or a sure way to make an additional income for those looking to make more money and who are willing to take action to achieve it.

    I agree that a great way to think about sharing your Network Marketing opportunity is like giving a gift to those who want a better life. 🙂

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