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The Secrets of Generating New Network Marketing Leads

Network Marketing LeadsAlthough some people think that finding success with network marketing is due to luck, there are ways to put yourself at a definite advantage. To achieve your goals and position yourself for success, one of the most important factors is network marketing leads generation. It’s a simple concept: the more interest you attract, the more sales you will land.


To get started with this process of lead generation, you can first look at the networks that you’re already a part of. You may already have a potential network that you can tap into that includes hundreds of people.

For example, you can reach out to:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Existing clients and past professional contacts
  • Social acquaintances
  • Committee members of clubs you belong to

By reaching out to these groups of people first, you will start building your network and your confidence along with it. Not only can these contacts be sales leads, but they can potentially generate more network marketing leads in their own circles.

This is why network marketing can be such an exciting concept for new business owners. It presents an opportunity to grow your income on multiple levels, by working with people you already know to start out with, and growing from there.

Using online marketing techniques can also help diversify your network marketing leads.

You can start to build multiple streams of income and improve your chances of success if you think about using techniques like the following:

  • Generate leads through social networking sites – There’s a wide community of users out there who might be interested in your network and opportunities. You can use tools like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to those on a local level, as well as those who might be linked to people you already know.
  • Use pay per click search engines – By advertising on pay per click search engines, you will be able to generate targeted traffic to your websites, reaching out to people who are already looking what you have to offer.

As you start building your network and continue to generate new network marketing leads through these diverse methods and others that you uncover, it’s important to avoid the temptation to sit back and relax. The most successful individuals will continue to diversify, learn more about their industry, and uncover new leads on a daily basis. Learning more about how to manage your streams of income effectively will put you on the fast track to success.



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2 Responses so far.

  1. Lynn Baillie says:

    Finding ways to generate more leads is definitely the lifeblood of any Network Marketing business. Blogging and article writing are other ways to attract new leads to look at your opportunity. Both online and offline methods work well in building your Network Marketing business. The more options you have to make good contacts the more success you’re likely to have.

    Lynn Baillie

  2. Absolutely, generating network marketing leads via diversified methods is a good skill to acquire if you do not know how to and habit to get into. Before you begin to acquire the leads however I always like to step back a little and take a look at your target market and who you would like to go after as when you think you are generating network marketing leads you could be wasting your time networking in a wrong market area that will bring you the wrong unqualified type of people/leads. For example if you are looking at targeting network marketers you would not place an ad or network in a work from home forum or mums magazine as this is a totally different ball game. Work from home markets sometimes are newbies and you require more time to train them up where network marketers could be potential if not already established leaders which need little training if any at all.

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