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LinkedIn MarketingWhen it comes to using social media sites for your business efforts, LinkedIn is certainly one of the most popular. Appealing more towards the work environment, LinkedIn connects people with similar business interests and millions of people use it to promote themselves on a professional basis.

But as a small business, how can you reach this market through effective LinkedIn marketing techniques? In fact, there are many ways that LinkedIn for business has helped entrepreneurs and companies expand their profit margins thanks to accessing this popular social media site.

Here are a few tips to help you create marketing opportunities and LinkedIn lead generation to help grown and expand your business.

Improve Visual Content

By using the Professional Portfolio feature, you can add new images, photos and video links to your LinkedIn Profile. In fact, you can even add screenshots, infographics and interestingly enough SlideShare presentations that will really make your profile stand out given how relatively few people do this today.

Using this feature, there are a number of ways that you can really expand your profile which in turn will help market your efforts better;

  • Videos and Slide Decks from Speaking Engagements
  • Books and Programs You have Written Added to Your Profile
  • Samples of Your Work
  • Screenshots of Your Work and More

This simple, yet valuable resource must be maximized for your LinkedIn marketing efforts to have a more complete impact.


One of the most effective LinkedIn lead generation techniques is networking with others on this social platform. The reasons boil down to the fact that social media sites such as LinkedIn are two-way avenues of communication. This means not only sending out information, but replying to questions, statements and comments as well. You cannot be one-sided in your approach because a large part of your success will rest on your ability to develop good relationships with those on LinkedIn who in turn will be more likely to pass your information on either directly or indirectly to others in the network as well.

Of those that you build network connections with, you’ll need to identify those who are doing the most work for you so that you can direct more of your attentions to them. In essence, you are building an influencing network that will help you stand out from the competition. So, it pays to do your work in building up good network connections for your LinkedIn efforts.

Official Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn has a list of official sponsored updates which are the perfect vehicle to add content and help reach the right type of customers. You can place your information in front of the decision-makers which in turn increases the overall exposure to your business. The best part is that it only takes a minimal use of your budget when targeting the right audience within the world of LinkedIn.

Plus, these sponsored updates offer a number of metrics that can really help track your results. The analytics provided by LinkedIn include the following;

  • Clicks and Impressions
  • CPC and CTR
  • Total Amount Spent
  • Social Auctions and Audience Demographers per Campaign

You can use any or all of these measures to check your success and make the necessary changes that you need in order to expand upon your accomplishments. Obviously, you’ll want to use the posts that have the most value for your target audience in order to maximize your results.

Target Your Discussion Groups

It’s easy to get lost in the large discussion groups on LinkedIn, so focus on the small ones that will help you gain some real attention. Local, small groups are a great way to start out as more people will tend to see and read your posts. Plus, there is a more intimate feeling when being a part of a small group that will tend to grow a more powerful connection.

Offer Solid Advice

One rule of effective LinkedIn marketing is providing good, solid content for potential customers when it comes to the discussion groups. You will need to be careful that you do not overly promote your services as LinkedIn has specific rules governing blog posts. However, by following the rules you can offer solid, excellent advice and points that provide real value for those in the group while not overtly promoting your business.

Proving solid content creates effective LinkedIn for business lead generation that will promote your efforts to reach new customers. In this manner, you can really grow your business by providing what many on LinkedIn are looking for in discussion groups.

Tag Connections

One of the most overlooked features is that you can tag your connections in the posts that you make. This way, even those who have not visited their LinkedIn profile in a while will get emails stating that they’ve been tagged by you so they can check it out. Just type “@” followed by the name that you want to connect and they will receive a notification.

Remember to be judicious with your tags as doing too many will simply annoy the person being tagged. So, when you have something really important and you haven’t tagged them in a while, do so which will help maximize its importance.

When it comes to your LinkedIn marketing efforts, the best advice is to build up your network connections and plan for the long term. While there have been those who make a big splash, most of the success stories that use LinkedIn for business start small and build up over time. You should set realistic goals and work towards making your connections stronger.

As time progresses, the little advances you make each day will start to build up bigger dividends. After six months to a year of steady work, you should see some real advances in your LinkedIn lead generation and promoting techniques which will center on good content generation. If you have been diligent, you will reap the rewards of your efforts thanks to building up your connections through LinkedIn.

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