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social-network-marketingLearn all about how you can develop a “You” brand with your network marketing business. Create a unique niche within your business and prosper.

When people think of you and your business is there something specific with which they associate you? In order for you to experience the kind of success most people desire with a network marketing business it is very important to discover a way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the distributors in your chosen company and to create a “You” brand. So how will you go about doing this?

Decide what your unique talents, strengths, qualities and gifts are. Everyone has them. Make a written list. Include any hobbies and unique experiences. Put a star next to any of these you believe would make a specific and unique contribution to your network marketing business and to your company.

Develop some ideas about how you could offer your talents and abilities in a leadership role within your company as well as to your team members and downline. What specifically are you able to offer that no one else can? Examples may include: a training website on a specific facet of the business, a free e-book, a free e-course, a blog about an exceptional topic, a sales or training aid, or something else similar.

Create an illustration of the item you are planning on and show it to a few of the leaders in the company. Get their suggestions and then use it to develop your item even further.

What area or areas do you concentrate on in your network marketing business? For example, some people focus on the internet, others focus on networking groups, others on advertising, home parties, fundraisers etc. In order to be truly effective you must choose one or maybe two areas and concentrate on them.

Once you have chosen and begun to build up your area of focus, ask yourself the following questions. How can I develop my unique identity and niche within my chosen area of focus? Do you know the problems often encountered by many network marketers in this area? What issues or difficulties will often be encountered by distributors in my company, when they try to focus on this area?

Use your answers to the questions above to help you to finalize your unique “You” brand to help you in creating the training or guide that you will create to offer something of worth to your company and team.

Once in a while you will need to continue to evaluate how your “You” brand is working for you and you will need to make some changes. Be sure that everything you do whether online or off line with your network marketing business reflects the unique person that you are and the “You” brand you are creating.



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