The Right Keyword Research will Smash Your Competition

Keyword Research The Foundation Of Your Online Business

Keyword Research

You’ve experienced firsthand how difficult getting traffic can be. One area that most people tend to just give a cursory glance when they really should be putting laser-sharp attention is keyword research. Proper keyword research can increase both the amount of traffic you’re getting and the quality of the traffic itself creating lazier targeted leads for your business. Here’s how.

How Most People Do Keyword Research

Most people think of a market they want to get into, type it into Google Keyword Tool to see if they’re going to get much traffic and if the answer is yes they generally just get going right then and there.

That is far too little time spent on the most important aspect of an online business.

Your keyword research is like your foundation. Did you know that to build a building ten stories high, you generally have a foundation about ten stories deep as well? The same should apply to your keyword research.

Your keyword research is what everything else in your business is built on. If you select a poor base keyword, chances are you won’t get much traffic at all. Even if you do get traffic, you may not make any money. This is a decision that affects everything else in your business.

The amount of time, effort and precision you put into keyword research should reflect that.

How Great Keyword Research Can Help You Dominate Your Competition

Picture these two examples.

Example 1: Bob decides to by and large skip the careful keyword research that I’m recommending here. Instead, he plunges straight ahead into building his website. Unfortunately, the keywords he was hoping to rank for is so competitive that he soon loses steam and never makes any money from this project.

Example 2: On the other hand, Elsie goes through the process of carefully doing her homework. She’s in a relatively competitive market, but begins to build her business by targeting well selected keywords with far less competition.

She begins getting traffic from these keywords and making a little bit of money right away. Backed by the encouragement and money she’s making from her initial traffic, she continues to build her website and her traffic.

Over time, she works her way up to targeting higher and higher traffic keywords, pulling in traffic most website owners can only dream of.

Both of these examples are very common. It’s no exaggeration to say that keyword research can make or break your business. How much time or attention should you put into selecting the right keywords? The answer is as much as it takes.

Now that you know just how critical keyword research really is, the next step is to learn the keyword research process inside and out. Then apply what you know and reap the benefits.



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