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Introducing Home Page Pays

We are very proud and excited to announce that very soon we will be introducing our Home Page Pays system. Firstly, we need to explain the meaning of a “Home Page”.

This is the web page you arrive at when you open whatever web browser you are using, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or our own Smart Media Browser. For instance, many people have their home page set to the Google search engine. Does Google pay them for using it as their home page? No! But Home Page Pays will…

Home Page Pays is the next evolution in our Web application, formerly known as Fun Easy Computer. The Home Page Pays system takes what we started with our previous version to a whole new level and it’s revolutionary. NO other company in the world has this technology.

It removes any obstacles our members may have experienced previously and offers anyone with Internet access the ability to access the Home Page Pays system with no download required. PC and Mac users around the world will be able to go through ANY web browser to the Home Page Pays website of the person who referred them and set it up as their home page. Then, whenever the Free Member goes online to do just about anything, THEY get paid and YOU get paid by Home Page Pays.

This means the 2 billion people using the Internet everyday will all become potential free and paid members of Home Page Pays. Never before has a company offered such a dynamic program.

Home Page Pays

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Members of Home Page Pays will be able to customise their home page to suit themselves. Some may prefer music while others may prefer the latest sports news.

Home Page Pays Free members will also have chances to win great prizes!

Not only that… we have taken almost all of the content of the Smart Media Desktop 2.5 and made it available in this sensational Home Page Pays web application without the necessity to do a download, giving members a treasure trove of incredibly useful and entertaining resources on the Home Page Pays site for free.

Home Page Pays

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This includes:

  • Visual Bookmark system in cloud that can be accessed from ANY computer
  • FULL Smart Library and My University educational videos
  • Entertainment section and Video Games
  • Free software section
  • Bargain Shopping Finder
  • Rate a Site
  • Central hub for Social Networks and communication tool
  • And more!

Home Page Pays

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