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social-network-marketingMany books and articles are constantly being written about generating traffic to a website or blog. Much of the advice is superb and is very usefully for traffic generation. Most of it, however, is simply NOT for the “newbie” or someone just getting started in lead generation.

Why?, you might ask.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), viral software and other such mass-traffic techniques are somewhat specialized and are geared more toward the advance user than the beginner. In my opinion, they should be addressed and used when you have the basics in place. Too many beginners get so caught up in the technical aspects of the website itself that they seem to never actually start. Don’t do it.

Many Blogs, Forums, Informational sites, Sports sites, Cooking sites etc. get thousands of visitors per day simply because they have content that their audience wishes to read about. They are popular because of their content, not because they are able to trick the search engines into placing them near the top.

This is not any type of diatribe against SEO or other techniques, it is rather an admonition to get started on your marketing with the very basics of attracting visitors to your site. Later on, when the basics seem like old hat to you the SEO and other techniques will make much more sense and you will be able to integrate them intelligently into your lead generation system.

The basics remain the same:

Put up your website or blog

Write or purchase some informative articles to put on your blog

Publish articles on article directories

Participate in forums and blogs

Add more techniques as you are able

Don’t let the technical stuff keep you from marketing. Remember, there is no magic button for marketing. Keep making progress one step at a time until you reach your goals. Then, teach your team to do the same.



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