Five Benefits Network Marketing Offers The Home Business Owner

Benefits of Network Marketing... Work From Anywhere!Here are just 5 of the top benefits of Network Marketing for the Home Based Business owner:

Benefit #1: Time Flexibility

One of the best benefits that you get to enjoy is undoubtedly time freedom… the ease and convenience of working from home and having versatile hours.

You set your own hours, rise when you want, work when you want, etc (but make sure you are working your business!). Working from home allows you to eliminate commute time, reduces expenses when it comes to gas, parking, lunches out, and even clothing! You’ll be able to spend additional time accomplishing what you long for and savoring top quality time with your family and your kids. You will not only wind up being spending more hours with the family and close friends, you’ll discover yourself to be doing the things that you will haven?t been able to do for ages.

By using work from home, you can select how much time each week you’ll work, but still find a way to enjoy the money advantages as if you ended up working in a full time career.

Benefit #2: You Are Your Own Boss

The fantastic thing about joining the home-based company market is that you will get to be your own personal superior. All the choices and also judgements in working the business were created simply by you. No one shall be looking over your shoulder and checking your work. You make your own rules and policies and set your DMO (daily method of operation). You are in control of your own activities and you really are the only one who will decide how far you may carry your business.

If you might find it a touch stress filled occasionally, particularly if you?re just starting out, you will experience that it truly is much more fulfilling to work for on your own rather than to continually follow other people?s procedures.

Benefits of Network Marketing #3: Residual Income

Each and every work from home company offers some sort of financial income but not all are the same TYPE of income. One of the main reasons Network Marketing is exploding in this economic recession is because you can earn RESIDUAL income. This is much like a “royalty” one receives from the sale of a book or record. You write the book or record and then receive a commission each time it is purchased. In Network Marketing, there a few ways to generate income and one of those is by building a team of folks like yourself who want their own home based business. As you and your team “buy” from your store (the company), you’ll receive a commission on the sales of your team. As your team grows (as you add more team members AND as your team members add their own new members to the team), your bottom line income grows. This is RESIDUAL because you earn a commission on your team’s efforts (you are indirectly involved in generating those sales by having brought people into the business that are buying and consuming products from the company).

With companies that offer consumable products, this recurs month after month. It’s the secret of many of the wealthiest individuals globally — passive, recurring income.

Benefit #4: Personal Growth

Personal Growth is one the cornerstone benefits of Network Marketing. It’s a relationship building, people person business. You’ll meet different people with different backgrounds and different skill sets, all working for the common goal of building their business. And that means building a team collaboratively and it’s a win-win for everyone involved and helping others along the way is in everyone’s best interest.

It’s important to set goals and aspirations and surround yourself with positive, motivated individuals. This helps you to grow personally and you’ll naturally learn and grow your interpersonal skills. It’s an exciting and passionate industry that naturally attracts servant heart leaders — and naturally builds those skills and helps others to develop into the leaders they want to be!

Benefit #5: $Savings$

Savings, really?! The Network Marketing Business model offers unique benefits when it comes to taxes and saving money. While every individual’s financial situation is unique, there are beneficial tax breaks when operating a home based business (consult with your financial adviser to determine what your savings might be). For those that working from home full-time, the savings are even greater when you factor in reduced expenses such as gas, eating lunch out, clothing (especially if you no longer need expensive suits!), and the biggest of all — daycare and after school care.

These are just 5 benefits of Network Marketing and there are certainly many, many more! What are your greatest? Feel free to comment below and add some of the benefits you’ve received that are priceless!



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