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facebook marketingFacebook still reigns as the king of social media. With over a billion accounts around the world, Facebook has done more to promote the social media atmosphere than any other website by far. While there are many fine social media sites that may equal or arguably surpass Facebook when it come to some of the services they offer, the truth is that Facebook still has far more members and is arguably the essential social media platform for your business efforts.

Effective Facebook marketing starts with the understanding that traditional advertising techniques that may have worked in other media are far less effective on social network sites. Here, you must instead build up connections and sell in an indirect manner in order to reap the results. What follows are some simple, yet highly effective tips when it comes to Facebook for business marketing.


Boost Your Product Announcements

Not all old fashioned methods of product promotion are dead on Facebook and boosted posts are one way to reach new customers. While some experts may not consider boosted posts to be all that effective, it will depend in large part on the type of product that is being promoted. Something that is flashy, eye-catching and offers considerable entertainment value is perfect for the boosted post as it will provide plenty of Facebook lead generation.

You will need to test out your techniques and while you may never be able to predict which boosted posts will work and which will fall flat, it is certainly worth pursuing for the right products considering the relatively small price.

Do Split-Testing on Facebook Ads

This is rather an old-fashioned technique, but one that still provides good results without having to waste much in the way of money. Simply find a group of keywords and test your ads one at a time using a different keyword from the group and examine the results. Since you can turn on and off the advertisements based at the Ad Set level, you can run the ads one below the other and turn them off at pre-set times so that you can better judge the results.

You can vary the target audience from large to small in order to properly check your results over time, but this is one of the more effective Facebook marketing techniques you can use to find the right ad that delivers the best results. Basically, you are looking for the best ad at the lowest price so that you can maximize your profit potential.

Public Relations

Social media sites and particular Facebook are really more designed for effective public relation than straightforward promotion which means that you can use another effective tool in Facebook marketing efforts. Journalists actually use Facebook to source their stories and with over a billion contacts is an effective way to reach people.

For businesses, the use of Facebook to share the story of their company is an excellent means of brand promotion. This is especially true when reporting the facts of a particular news story, providing informative content or simply getting your side of the story out to the public in a more direct manner.

You can even use the Facebook Graph Search to find members of the media and follow them thanks to their public title. This provides you an excellent way to build contacts with journalists simply by following what they do. You will also provide a source for a journalist when it comes to stories that they can use. While you cannot control what a journalist uses or not as source material, the fact that your Facebook page offers it can be of great assistance when they need a reliable source.

Know Your Audience

It pays to know who your most likely customers will be, so using the right Facebook for business marketing tools will allow you to access them more easily. One of the most interesting is the Audience Insight tool on Facebook which makes it easier to see what your audience likes and the type of sites that they interact with on a regular basis. The detail provided means that you can find inroads to other potential customers who have the same interests as the ones who shop at your business.

The details provided are certainly potent enough to let you know not only where, but how to market better to your audience.


The efforts to reach new customers and utilize effective Facebook lead generation starts with the news feed. It’s a fact that almost all Facebook users interact with the updates they see on their news feed and will actually rarely visit their own pages.

By using ActionSprout, you can actually post in the news feed of Facebook users as opposed to trying to get them to visit your Facebook page which is generally far more difficult to do. Many people on Facebook feel very uncomfortable when leaving their news feed page, so using a program like ActionSprout means that they can remain comfortable and still interact with your post.

Timing Matters

Finally, when you do post to Facebook, be sure to do so at times that is away from peak traffic hours. This is for the simple reason that when many people are posting during peak hours of traffic your post will get quickly pushed down on the news page and far fewer people will actually see it. Effective Facebook lead generation starts with having people actually see your posts in the first place, so be sure to post during non-peak hours so that it stays up longer.

Overall, there are many different Facebook for business marketing techniques available that will maximize your efforts in promoting your products or services. However, as with any social media website, Facebook is primarily a means to connect with your customer base and build on it thanks to your interaction. For those who want to make the most out of their Facebook marketing efforts, it all starts with the idea that you are trying to build connections first and then selling your products or services.

You can learn more by attending a free Facebook webinar that will show you how to harness the full marketing power of the most popular social media site on the net.



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